Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a real war, when the other side has tanks.

The Foreign Policy blog has linked to a story about Mexican Drug Cartels employing increasingly heavy and sophisticated armored vehicles.

So this combined with cross border militant raids by said Cartels brings some important questions to mind:

1) Is this enough to justify deploying ARMED National Guard troops to the border for security or do we have to wait for them to be bring combat bridging equipment to the Hudson river?

2) How long before the BATFE decides to let M1 Abrams "walk" to see where they end up?

3) How much of a shooting war will it take to cause us to try and defund the Cartels by trying at least some legalization?

4) Will the Brady Campaign(to protect criminals by disarming the law abiding) now retract all of their "what could you possibly NEED a .50 BMG rifle for?" talking points?


  1. How about bullets designed to pierce armor? One of many things I'd like to see legalized.

    You're right about legalization of drugs defunding the Cartels. Also to some extent the Taliban, though I think they have a lot of customers for their opium outside the US.

  2. For the first part of your comment Mousie if you have an AR with a barrel that is at least a 1:9 twist. http://www.jgsales.com/product_info.php/ammo-for-rifles/223-rem-5-56mm-nato-/p/223-s-b-62gr-ss109-fmj-20-rd-box/cPath/12_38/products_id/3748

    As to the second part we would need to really overhaul the welfare system. I'm willing to step over the strung out heroin addict lying on the sidewalk but I'm sure not going to pay for their self destruction.

  3. SS109 is better than M855 against a technical but it's no M995.

    As to the strung-out heroin addict and welfare, I think the biggest difference legalization would bring we'll know exactly how many we're paying for now, and we'd have a better chance at imposing rehab requirements on heroin-addicted welfare recipients. I really don't see a bunch of people shooting up just 'cause it's legal.

  4. Oops, excuse me, meant SS109 is better than M193 not M855; SS109 is similar to or the same as M855.