Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two cops eyed in the Long Island prositue killer case.

This is the type of behavior that makes people distrustful of the police and "justice" system. Not that there were bad apples that broke the law and abused their badges, but the "no criminal charges filed" part. Cops and other public officials who abuse their authority need to have the full weight of the justice system come down on them because it's the only thing that stops a two class system from developing.

Every time this type of abuse happens from as small as not writing a speeding ticket to a fellow officer to solidarity in the face of a sketchy shooting of a bad guy it chips away at the authority of the justice system. Our government is supposed to get is authority from the consent of the governed and absent this rare condition the only alternatives are anarchy and tyranny.

I fear a time of accounting is coming upon us. We the people can bear almost anything but the hypocrisy of saying "liberty and justice for all" while the crimes of elites and authority figures are not prosecuted.

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