Monday, June 6, 2011

Character is who you are when you're alone in the dark.

Anthony Weiner has admitted sending a dick-pic to a woman more than a decade his junior, yet claims he's done nothing wrong enough to resign over. So here is a short list of a few things that this chimichanga feels insufficient for a representative of the people to resign.

Elites trying to  cover for their own always say that these scandals shouldn't splash as hard on progressives because they didn't run on "family values", but this goes deeper. If a man can't be trusted with small things how can you trust him with large ones. Further if a man will dishonor and deceive the person he claims to love more than any other human how much more easily will he dishonor and deceive those he is supposed to represent and serve? How can he be a real man? How can he stand to look in the mirror?

Anthony Weiner has failed this test of manhood.

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