Friday, June 24, 2011

Chicago's Police Superintendent Straight out of 1984

Chicago's police superintendent is trying to defend his city's failed justice system and gun control policies with a combination of doublethink and newspeak.

He is claiming that federal gun laws are a conspiracy to cannel guns to poor blacks in order to repress them. In fact as Clayton E Crammer thoroughly exposes the first restrictions on the second amendment in this country were put in place by white racists to disarm blacks. Garry McCarthy is also conveniently ignoring that the most recent wave of violence and crime in Chicago have little to do with guns and more to do with mobs of violent and aggressive young fit people using numbers and intimidation to run amok. Without firearms law abiding people who find themselves tactically outnumbered and likely less physically strong than these mobs have no defense.

Of course no proper Two Minutes' Hate would be complete without it's own Emanuel Goldstein so McCarthy also claims that Sarah Palin hunting caribou in Alaska is promoting gun violence in the inner city. I presume that McCarthy has a public relations media event with rappers scheduled sometime soon.

Illinois is now the only state in the country without any allowance for civilian concealed carry, yet all the elites of Chicago have armed police bodyguards. The kleptocratic  socialists who have run Chicago since prohibition have sown the wind, but they keep trying to insist that the whirlwind comes from someone else. Decaying regimes always do.

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