Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm glad you think this is funny.

The President has decided that the slow job market affecting me and millions of Americans is "funny" and worth making a joke about.

Allow me to educate you and I'll use small words so your tiny unteleprompted assisted brain can understand. I get to make gallows humor jokes about shovel ready "stimulus" jobs involving digging graves for the Obamacare death panels, you as the jackass who advanced both nationally suicidal policies while hosting Bourbon king scale parties DO NOT. If you had any honor or shame for the pain you have and will inflict upon this country you would confess your Marxist intentions, resign from office n disgrace, and commit ritual Seppuku without a swordsman backup.

I will not do anything to cause physical harm to Obama, but I shall work tirelessly to see him voted out come 2012. I will allow God and history to judge him.

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