Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Silence Them"

Blogging as we know it could soon be made a felony. According to language in a Senate amendment embedding or linking to copy written work that is viewed by more than ten people would be "use" of such work and a felony.

This is in direct contradiction to "fair use" law and impossible to universally enforce, therefore it would become a club that could be used by prosecutors to go after people they don't like or who make them or their friends look bad.

So we have to courts shredding rights reserved under the 4th Amendment. We have to President regulating away rights reserved under the 2nd Amendment. Now we have to the Senate apparently tired of loggers publishing their embarrassments and lies legislating away fair use rights that in my opinion fall under the 1st Amendment.

I'm sure that in these political hacks minds the endgame is something like China where people are repressed from organizing a redress of their grievances. They are wrong. Americans aren't Chinese and we wont abide this type of system.

The liberty codified in our constitution isn't there to just protect the people from the a tyrannical government, it is there to spare us and the would be tyrants the violence that would respond to such tyranny. If we don't have the protections against government and the means to organize a peaceful move away from a growing tyranny then people will eventually and at whatever cost organize a non-peaceful transition back to liberty. I pray that doesn't happen because it is a path fraught with peril and sorrow with little chance of not having to be repeated on the very people who replaced the previous tyrant.

To paraphrase Rorschach from Alan Moore's The Watchmen:
"I'm not locked in this country with you, you are all locked in here with me."

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