Monday, August 29, 2011

Beware Feds bearing Gifts.

Due to the scattered showers where important people live, FEMA has decided to pull useful funding from Joplin(my neck of the woods). Honestly the private help we received has been overwhelming and appreciated, but it seems what the Feds have done is open up a trailer park more than two months after people needed new housing. In the meantime individuals and businesses are actually getting the job done faster than anyone has believed. FEMA meanwhile is been refusing to lead, follow, or even get out of our way.

Oh don't worry we'll still be getting our government built trailer slum, but things like roads and schools will just have to wait until Maratha's Vineyard has been relandscaped on the taxpayer dime.

The only picture I could find that really shows our federally provided soon to be slum, but don't worry all of the paving material is made of good intentions.


  1. Perhaps there is an underground cash business opportunity in this for a few. Poor folks need 'stuff' too. Make plans.

  2. Oh I'm sure that it will have a cash business in unlicensed recreational pharmaceuticals soon enough.