Thursday, September 1, 2011

My .22lr

In response to Stephen's challenge to write about our favorite 22lr I'd like to write about my second favorite handgun. When I really got into shooting but not reloading I needed to get a 22 to not bankrupt myself. Looking at the local pawnshop I found a Western style 22 revolver for about $150 I knew too little at the time to realize what I was picking up and although the pawnbroker is a very amiable fellow he doesn't have a very deep knowledge of firearms.

What I purchased was a High Standard Durango a swing out 9 shot pistol that I've loved since. A quick bit of research revealed to me that High Standard made it's name it target pistols and the accuracy of mine bears with it. The single action trigger merely requires you to think moderately hard about it to break and the thick barrel can shoot all day without seeming to overheat.
This one isn't mine.

Like many old and loved firearms it does have eccentricity. Mainly that one of the notches will not advance by merely cocking the hammer, you have to use your left thumb to help the cylinder rotate. Which is the only thing that stops this gun from being a wonderful gun to start new shooters on.

The accuracy from the big drift adjustable sight(the gun was pawned for being "inaccurate", such was fixed with three taps from a screwdriver butt onthe first range trip) better than it's shooter(me) can manage. Cleaning is easy due to a nice chrome lined bore and swing-out cylinder.

I don't know quite what else to write except that even I've been able to hit 75 yard targets with this gun, and that the western trim adds to the fun factor for me.


  1. I do love .22 revolvers. I own a Ruger Bearcat I'd never trade or sell. Nice article. Thanks.

  2. Some firearms are heirlooms only because they are special to you.