Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

The Neo-Bolshiviks and Neo-Brownshirts can fuckoff with each other because that's the amount of hatefucking they both deserve.

The floor is yours angry reader what's got your upset this week, and remember bonus points for creative profanity.


  1. So I went to Wal-Mart and this little Flamer-fag saw me, whipped out his phone, and..... OH! MY! GOD!-OH! MY!GOWD!...There's one RIGHT HERE! It has an army shirt and Sieg Hiel boots and EVERYTHING!!!! OH MY GAWD! GETOVERHERE NOW! Its a NAZI!!!!. I grinned and told said fag. Don't forget to tell your ANTIFA friends I have a gun too.(I CC) He screamed RUN! and three of them poped out from behind the bread rack and ran for the parking lot. I wish Fuck Off would solve this. But I think this time it will turn ugly. The loonies are taking over--Ray

  2. BTW. I am an ordinary enough looking 50 something white guy, with short hair and a "real tree" camo "T" shirt and cap. I had been for a walk in the woods and tucking your pants in your boots keeps the ticks out. ---Ray

  3. I was in a Wal-Mart eating "Whatever it is-McNuggets" with my wife. First thing I thought was "No wonder Ringling Bros went under; who needs a traveling circus when there's one at Wal-Mart every day. Th second thing I thought of was "How many of these... people... would be willing to fight for our country if needed?" The third thing I thought of was "We are so screwed..." I said to my wife "Honey, I'm headed over to the ammo counter..."

    1. Pete, I generally get better ammo deals at Academy(tm) but at least the 'entertainment' at Wally's is free! Don't go there too often though as my regular grocery store has most of what I need.
      Full disclosure: I have yet to see any of the so-called 'walmartians' - most of them are plain old ordinary people - like you, me and Ray ;-)