Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

People protesting for single payer healthcare with signs encouraging people to honk while standing outside a pediatric hospital wing can fuckoff with a still connected semi-truck air horn that's then repeatedly honked.

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. My wife hangs her Pediatric shingle at a hospital clinic in an upscale white part of the suburbs. 98% of the "new mothers" she see's are Junkies, Welfare Jamiahma's (copyright spelling) and non US citizens of African or Middle Eastern origin. Almost everyone but the addicts are "Islamic" and ALL of them are getting free EVERYTHING health care from the .Gov. All drive new cars, have new phones and nice clothes---except the junkies, who are almost all white. They only get Methadone, free health care foodstamps/EBT and basic bus fare. And all this is in an upscale suburban "birthing center complex" with attached medical offices. NOT A SKIDROW CLINIC! .Gov is paying BIG money for the care. Your Money. My money. My wife is forced by .Gov to see as many as 25 of these "underprivileged" in a day as they are MANDATED onto non-public practice by Obamacare. She says that in the event of "single payer" becoming law, she'll quit and get a job at Ford. You want to see a sudden end to health care? Let single payer pass. I know that 75+% of the MD's and RN's locally will quit the same day. As my wife said, "I don't do this because I look cute in a lab coat". With "single payer" we would no longer be able to afford the lab coat. N/P's and MD's would make less money than floor Nurses do now, and be forced to work 16 hour days. ---Ray

  2. Fuck the so called journalists who will bend themselves any way they have to so that they can say bad things about our current president. Just this week, one of the slimy MSM said that when Trump said that if North Korea fired at us or our allies, we would totally destroy the entire country, he should be considered a war criminal. What a total jackass. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, we did what ever we could to totally destroy the nation of Japan, in order to defeat the enemy. And nobody accused FDR of being a war criminal. Of course, he was a Democrat, so that is ok, I guess.

  3. Yeah right on Mutha FuCkers!

    Let blow all them fuckers up, drop bombs on Korea and the Middle East blow them back to the stone age. And let them cook under a nuclear cloud.

    Then bring our troops home and invade Mexico,.. make it a territory, they want to be here anyway.
    So let’s just take them over.