Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Seeing Red

 More not safe to be cornered in the bedroom by below the break.


  1. I see you have another spam bot. Same guy?--Ray

    1. Don't think so, hopefully the previous guy had a long dark teatime of the soul and realized what a piece of shit he'd made himself.(I can actually think of no worse punishment than such a true self-reflection)

    2. Yeah...I been waiting for this post to sink down a while before returning to comment. I've gotten the same f*cking email from that same (now deleted) blogger asking me to add their blog to my blogroll, over and over again. The dipshit didn't even bother to look and see that their blog WAS on my BRoll. I deleted it. Fuck 'em.

  2. Quite a collection! Possibly more than exist in the wild.