Saturday, February 26, 2011

Words fail me

The lows that politicians will sink to in order to smear one another. I'm not a survivor of childhood sexual abuse but I'm close enough to people who are that I can tell you that how each person chooses or is able to deal with the trauma that amounts to killing the person they originally were is different.

Just admitting that it happened(much less doing so publicly) is a huge step on that might have taken Senator Brown till very recently to come to. Naming or confronting the abuser is thornier than the communist <insert politically correct bullshit here>studies majors keeping a blog for the Daily Kos can understand.

No matter how public someone goes with the trauma of their past it is still their past to deal with. Someone with any real human empathy rather than the public robe of it Marxists wear could see many reasons for why Senator Brown has handled this the way he has. I'm not that nice a person so I don't feel the desire to enlighten them.

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