Friday, June 22, 2012

Cult of Tacticool: ChineseRacegun

I've started a mental countdown clock for an American version of this movie(complete with melodramatic character story). While on the one hand showing such shooting helps show the sport aspect of shooting I'm leary of the double edged sword. Both every Cletus with money, running around on any range with this "Racegun" and the fact that I don't belive Hollywood capable of resisting their primal urge to blacken anything that might remotely be considered responsible gun ownership.

ht: ENDO


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  2. The man in black reminded me of Clint just a little.

    So other than being showier, the people younger, how much different is that from the Western shoot-em-ups?

    1. It looks to be more of a "Trendy emerging sport" movie. Like snowboarding or rollerblading movies back in the 90s.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot. Although not as flexible as your latest items, I thought you would like these ladies. OFW (?), or is it SFW?, anyway they have clothes on.