Wednesday, June 13, 2012

German Media Turns on Obama

Ahh when you know you're too pussy of a Marxist when the Euro-socialists turn on you.

Germans were ecstatic when Barack Obama took over the keys to the White House from George W. Bush. Now, though, a new Pew Research Center survey shows that disillusionment with the US president is widespread in Germany and that Obama has not lived up to the high expectations Europeans had of him.
Yep Obama just hasn't managed to destroy America fast enough for the Euro elites.


  1. I assume they don't like him because he has reserved to him self the personal right to blow up whomever he likes with a predator drone.

  2. Really ? ,I would think that Obama`s fascist masterpiece N.D.A.A. ( Nazi Doctrine Applied in America ) having been hawked on the senate floor by two Jew`s, Levin and Lieberman . Would have them "Seig Hieling" ,and goose stepping around the Brandenberg gate by now !.