Monday, December 17, 2012

A School Shooting Scenario in Post RKBA Amerika

The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is being used by all the usual Anti-gun blood dancers and a few who came out of the bushes and took off their shoes for just this occasion.

I would like to offer my prayers for the victims and their families.

I believe that "one sentence answers" are insulting to the scope and depth of the problem of mass shootings. To illustrate this I'd like to lay out a scenario of how this could happen even in a post 2nd amendment America.

This is something I pray never happens and if you are some sicko looking for ideas nut up and just off yourself like a man rather than killing anyone else. This scenario could also be a trigger for people with PTSD of this type of situation so I'm putting it below a page break read only if you're of sound mind.

Skippy McPhycopath decides that since MTV rejected his reality show pilot that the only way he's going to be famous is to kill himself in a way that will make to history books. So he takes his Christmas cash along with what he can steal from Mon & Stepdad and goes to see his drug dealer to buy a gun. What he gets is a piece of crap five shot revolver but that's all he needs to get started.

He takes his new possession to his school and walks up to friendly school resource Officer Wifein Twokids, Skippy then points to the other side of Officer Wifein Twokids and screams "GUN" when Officer Twokids turns to confront what he thinks is a hazard Skippy shoots Officer Wifein Twokids in the back of the head twice. Panic among the Eloi that represent the huge majority of our education establishment ensues and the school begins to go into LOCK-DOWN.

Young Mr. McPhycopath has not been wasting his time though. He has turned over the body of the Officer and retrieved: his issue Glock 22, two spare magazines, handcuffs, and keys. He uses the handcuffs to lock the doors behind him and begins using the School Resource Officer's keys to open locked doors and begins shooting his classmates with the 45 rounds that Officer Widown Tworphans had until either he's used up that ammunition or hears the first responding police officers.

Then young Skippy McPhycopath takes his cheap drug-dealer bought revolver and shoots himself in the head, or he chickens out and is found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Thus a horrible mass shooting has been perpetrated with nothing more than some sick bastard that wants to die and contraband that could be just as easily be carried into this country as dried plant paste or chopped up leafs.


  1. Yep. We can't actually remove all guns from our society. At the base a gun is just a thing that can be built in a mid to high end home workshop....out of a shovel if need be.

    1. It doesn't even have to be that high end, just ask Pakistan or the Philippines. They turn out functional weapons with little more than blacksmith level tools.

      Add to the fact that guns are durable and fungible, means that many of the guns made by both sides during the cold war are still out there and functional.

    2. Thankyou for stopping by and commenting by the way.