Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Scotch Nature: Java

Time to wake up people, today we're going from the new opiate of the masses to the stimulate of the middle-class. So let's see how much that $5 Latte every work day(I'm being generous that you don't get one before pee-wee soccer and another the next day before church) so you are shelling out $1300(5work days * $5 * 52weeks per year) per year to jump start your brain and pad your hips.

Now making coffee at home does cost but even my coffee-snob-caffeine-addict wife doesn't cost $300 per year to keep properly stimulated.

So what is the extra $1000 per year going to pay for?
We all have Art History Degrees

Now I like stimulants(of all kinds), even though I don't like coffee, but you know what I like more.....AIR CONDITIONING!


  1. I broke my Frapacino addiction because of the cost. I haven't had one in almost a year now I think and am even passed the point of craving one now.

    Saved me about $4.00 a day x 365.

  2. I have gotten some looks when I order a 12oz. black. I don't care for all that other stuff that is added to kill the taste of coffee.

    1. My wife would agree with you, she would also say that certain national chains make coffee taste like burning trash smells.