Saturday, December 20, 2014


This is gonna ratchet up the paranoia of police officers, take appropriate care:

Off-Duty Police Officer Shot Multiple Times in North St. Louis

I wish I knew a good answer to the growing us vs. them attitude in what should be citizens on patrol, but it doesn't bode good things. With everyone in such a rush to share every facet of their lives there is less privacy about who does what for a living anymore. One comment by someone about "my friend's dad is a cop and should arrest that creep" and someone with even mild motivation can backtrack to a home address, family description, or a picture of the new car you're so proud of.

This is would only be worse if it involved a less mercurial type of criminal, one who was willing to embrace the whole plata y pluma shakedown could have an entire municipality in his pocket  and the citizens left to fend for themselves.


  1. Now, was he targeted because he was a cop? Or because he was white? Or, maybe because he was a white cop.

    1. Not enough information, doesn't even say the race of the officer. I was more trying to point out that if "cellphone zip-gun" flyers get cops edgy then this is going to add a lot of tensions.