Thursday, June 18, 2015

Helter Skelter and False Flags???

While I know that there are defiantly some real racists this bad still in the world, I can't help but remember that there are people who will false flag this type of thing because of their underpants gnome plan:

1. Giant Race Riots
2. ???????????
3. Marxist Utopia

The whole leaving one witness alive to recount the horrible things both done and said could be a way of making sure that the "right" people are officially blamed. The moment this waste of oxygen is identified the his "social media" needs to be locked down tight before it's sanitized no matter which of these scenarios it turns out to be.

Since the original post the looneytoon has been both identified and caught. Social media equivalent of wall scrawling looks like a genuine white supremacist with a healthy dose of crazy and psychotropics mixed in.  The above post was wrong on it's speculation.


  1. Seriously?

    Is your internet connection broken to where you can't go look at Stormfront or something?

    1. No, he had to go pick up our imp from his parents at the halfway point between our house and theirs.

      To be perfectly honest, I've been avoiding it as much as possible, and he made the mistake of checking the news right before he had to leave.

    2. Tam- Yes I made a very incorrect speculation based upon what limited information I had. I tried to qualify my statements at the time but that seems to have failed as badly as my speculation.

      I had to look up "Stormfront" and I don't know whether you are implying I get my information from there or am so naive that I don't believe such people exist anymore, or hopefully something else all together. The first two cases are incorrect.

  2. And a druggie and a criminal apparently... AND an avowed racist... JFL!!!

  3. And a druggie and a criminal apparently... AND an avowed racist... JFL!!!