Wednesday, February 10, 2016

After 8 Years Of Obama Purges


  1. There haven't been any purges. Generals and admirals retire and get replaced every year no matter who is president. There is no appreciable political shift in the officers who remain as compared to the ones who left.

    1. Was just going off of anecdotes where when they were reducing the number of Majors and Captains that the first sweep went through head-shots for non-minority males, the second removed those with combat deployments.

      And I wasn't really meaning a political shift as much as competence coming in very low on the criteria list. I'll grant that this seems to have always been the case, but it seems like we're grooming the next generation of John Frenches.

  2. Totally not true. Promotion boards and retention boards are happening in the Army the same way they always have happened. No change in the process or the outcome. "Adjustments" for race are happening just as they have since the 70's.

    It makes no sense to remove those with combat deployments when 98% of them have combat deployments. It further makes less sense when you whittle it down to what exactly is a "combat deployment". For most of the Army, combat != danger. Nor does the presence in a combat theater mean that you did anything useful there, learned anything important, or demonstrated even the lowest standard of competence.

    THIS is a purge: