Monday, February 1, 2016

Anybody Still at Home in Iowa?

Update: Thank you Iowa, ball is in your court now New Hampshire time to prove that you still deserve your motto and that you haven't let yourself be overrun by Undocumented Massicucians.


  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou for proving the polls wrong by eight points.

  2. The big story, which is buried under the "Trump loses" glee, is that between Trump and Cruz it is decisively not even close that the American people DO NOT want another establishment candidate. If either Trump or Cruz got out of the race, their votes would mostly transfer to the other, not get divided by Bush or the other guys who I can't remember. Either candidate, running alone against the establishment guy, would be a runaway.

    1. I understand, I just personally don't count the John(political big donor for favors) as having nothing to do with the whoring(politics). If other people have a different view that's up to them.

      And yes this isn't the year of the Bush/Clinton coronation choice, hell Hillary only won six precients in Iowa because she "won" the coin tosses(all six...hmmm).