Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Picking Which Half of the State Motto

According to Breitbart News, Byron York reported that "in a nearly one-hour speech, Trump railed against pharmaceutical companies.  He railed against oil companies.  And insurance companies.  And defense contractors.  And he set himself against a political system that he said allows big-money corporate 'bloodsuckers' to control the government with campaign contributions."
In case this confuses you: According to Trump, the problem is business, not government.  No, government is as pure as the wind-driven snow.  The problem with health care is big pharma and not the precious, amazing government bureaucrats.
And by the way, what kind of mathematical mind thinks big oil is gouging anyone right now?  In 2011, Trump was obsessed with OPEC.  Of course, it was American "big oil" and not Trump's negotiating Jedi mind tricks that made the cartel irrelevant.
Additionally, it seems the Donald thinks that big pharma and big hospital and big insurance went to Obama and begged him to totally ruin our health care system.  Either that or he's just flat pandering and lying because he thinks the odd ball liberals in New Hampshire will lap it up.  Obviously they did.
Oh, and for the record, underlying Trump's premise is that only rich people should run for office.  Now there's a conservative principle if there ever was one.

Now I know that some of my readers disagree with me as far as Trump goes, all I can respectfully say is that I sincerely hope you're right about him and that I'm dead wrong.

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