Saturday, February 20, 2016

What $15/hr Pizza Cooks Look Like.

I'm pretty sure that the pizza and the former cooks come out Bernt.

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  1. Sure. It can also mean a few other things too.

    Almost certainly that pizza will not have nearly as many buyers since wages are consumption and everyone is cutting them and most everything people makes goes to rent or debt, they aren't buying much (c.f right now) Take at look at the Baltic Dry Shipping index and Shadowstats and some alternative media. Simply, unless wages go up. The economy will go down. Hard

    It can also mean future politicians put in automation and other taxes make it far cheaper to pay $15 an hour anyway. This machine costs say 75k in estimated wages annually , you pay 250k in taxes for it.

    Or in a few years that the sign out that shop reads

    Ahora propiedad de la empresa commerical Pizza Nueva Americano Bolivariana

    and below that

    Now Property of the New American Bolivarian State Pizza business concern

    Its not the 80's early 90's when only kids had low paying jobs, everybody at every age does. And these young people aren't cold war babies or late cold war babies and don't value negative liberty (being left alone) they value positive liberty more (having means to achieve goals) They are far more Left than almost any generation in American history

    To stop that we as a society have a choice to make. Work to getting wages up or in a few years when the Bommers start to die off have socialists put in by Gen Y.

    Heck its bad enough Sanders might win now, slight chance granted but that's right now . He's a outright Socialist though a comparative moderate and it will get much worse than him.

    You can't count on Gen X to save you either, we are small in number and frankly a lot of us have been shafted too. We trend far more Libertarian than the generations after us too but that nearly half not White, children of immigrants educated by Marxist generation won't hesitate to go for socialism

    And yes maybe you can get a rebellion. Hard to run a pizza shop than though.

    Of course it doesn't just fall on the little guy but everybody but my advice is to find a way get wages as a percentage GDP back to there they were in the 70's or 80's, about twice that they are now or the Republic will regret it.