Monday, March 28, 2016

Hyper-scary Scenario

How the US ends up in a Civil War Nov 8th

The really scary parts is that this doesn't take more than some plumbing parts and/or a few burner phones combined withe the ego or ambition of a couple of people.


  1. Well thats a cheery thought...


  2. Can't happen. It takes more than a few bad elections to get Americans riled up that much. So far, the only people who are violently protesting are the same people who have made violent protests their business. The hard-left professional grievance mongers and community organizers. Not much of a "war". Nor is there any such thing as "martial law" in the USA. There are no legislative acts or constitutional powers in any state that create the concept you are talking about. Even during "emergencies", the Constitution is still fully in force. Even if you use the national guard to enforce law, they are still under the law. There are still trials with judges and lawyers and juries according to law.

    -- Genericviews

    1. Can't is a strong word, one that even scientists shy away from, highly unlikely makes for a better case.

      That said, we haven't tested a case in the US where the loser refuses to concede an election. The character of candidates for office and their love for the country more than their love for themselves was part of this fail-safe.

      I'll leave to you to form an opinion about how much the front-runners love themselves and how much they love the country.