Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rantmode On

  • Outside of my office window is a cemetery, and down at the bottom of it are a section of "undersized plots", today there was a large well attended funeral at one of those. And the overwhelming majority of the male attendees were wearing blue jeans. One of the old demarcation lines between Redneck and White-trash is that Rednecks have one suit in their closet for when someone gets hitched or planted. Behold the trashification of our culture.
  • Target if you actually want our daughters to have positive role models why do you have one out of stock sliver for the DC Super Heroine dolls but isles devoted to Bratz and Barbie? Or do you actually want women to trade the sugar daddy of a husband for the sugar daddy of government like the rest of the Marxist?

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