Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's Been one Week

Now that it has been a week. Alright I'm going to record these thoughts as I have them this week, this probably wont be widely read after such a delay nor will all of the thoughts seem very timely:

  • Islamic parents saying, "This had nothing to do with religion."  have become the new black parent saying "He was a good boy turning his life around and going to go to college."
  • Piously supporting progressive authoritarianism will leave you behind once you are no longer useful to the "cause" eventually the Marxist will leave your behind for a demographic with a higher birthrate and you'll be stuck on their plantations just the same. Ask the black laborers who have been displaced by illegal aliens.
  •  The duty to be able to defend yourself goes double if you're gay, outspokenly christian, or any other group more likely to draw jihadi ire than normal has never been more important.

  •   Well this isn't going to have gotten mentioned much this week:Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times
  • So how much should I not hold my breath for "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" to be added to the APA's list of mental illnesses?
  • Just because Dickwad hung out a few times at the Gay club he shot up to survey it and work himself up to it doesn't mean he was a self hating gay. There's an old phrase call "nursing a grudge" you see even most Islamic fucktards can't just kill at the drop of a hat, the overwhelming percent of the population really have to work themselves up to doing something that terrible even with a lot of the ground work already done by their religion. 
  • Also this is going to give Queerfolk as a group a chance to answer just how on the plantation they are and if the Democrats "Are really sweet, they just get angry sometimes when they've been drinking and are stressed at work."
  • How does Democrats wanting to disarm gays in the face of islamic violence break the pattern from Democrats disarming blacks in the face of Klan violence?
  • Because as Tam says about good material at an away game: Gun folk are worse than Mormons if you indicate that you might like to convert we'll quickly be over at your house with the ballistic equivalent of lime jello with shaved carrot in it, and ready to take you down to the range.


  1. Just to point out:

    Omar Matteen never transported illegal. THe company did, but half a country away.

    The two are conflated, and the meme passed forward many times by people who don't bother to read.

    Having said that, one wonder just how he got the clearances he did?

    1. I realize that however when I was recording this things weren't that clear that he was a rent'a'cop for a gated community. Though this goes to show that the "friendly" rent'a'cop at your gated community might not be.