Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Fuck-Off Open Thread

The stop sign will not fucking turn even puke green no matter how hard you stare at your cell phone so remove the other one from your ass and drive.

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. At least they weren't watching TV at the stop light... Saw that yesterday. They'd 'tricked' the system and were watching some kind of rap video on the navigation system...

  2. No matter ho hard the stupid's pretend. The Universe wins. We might suppress the mass application of Darwin's law for a bit; But nature can wait. The Universe ALWAYS wins. AND: It won't suffer stupid for very long.--Ray

    1. Heinlein said that stupidity is the only universal capital crime.

  3. dear hillary, stop. just fucking stop. it makes my blood pressure go up to unhealthy levels when you lie to my face and swear to it. same for when you tell west virginia you going to help them and tell new york you are going to destroy west virginia. the election is rigged, we get it. so just stfu and get on with it. somebody wake me in 8 years, if there's anybody left.