Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fuck-off Open Thread

Dear White-trash Neighbors,

Due to you leaving your dog out to bark for multiple nights, I would like to invite you to Fuck-off pants-less tied over a table in the same room as a horny male Great Dane. Your territorial snarly yap-machines are already part of the reason that the southern view of your own yard is now a privacy fence.

Sincerely your next door neigbor who actually gets up in the morning to work.

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. Dear M....

    I know your2nd wife just left you but maybe you'd have better luck if your yard wasn't home to 50 or 60 dead lawn mowers from your failed repair business. Also i know you bought those 3 boats with a plan to fix them up and resell them, but two of them are rotting into oblivion and the third has a hole in the fiberglass I could put my head through and its now been a decade since you chain sawed a hole into your fence to get them into your yard. Also I know your "disibility" prevents you from working but maybe you could stop leaving the bags of garbage and empties in your front yard for stray dogs to shred open. I mean you do have 3 pickups and 2 motorcycles parked in your driveway and on your front lawn... and at least one must still run. Its less than a mile to the county dump and less than half a mile to the bottle depot, and you have drive past the depot to get to the dump its not a long trip. I'm sure you know were the depot is, right across from the liquir store.


  2. Harsh. If true, it blows up the narrative. Dunna have time for drama...

  3. A nice blow on the air horn to celebrate going to work in the morning might be appropriate