Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Late to the Party and All I Brough Was a Sock Full of Nickles to Beat This Dead Horse.

I'd like to start by saying that I'm an unabashed book lover, in fact I consider the destruction of knowledge to be among the greatest of heresy that man can devise. With that said, after reading this and this if my wife hadn't already avoided buying any Marion Zimmer Bradley books because of this I would be putting them on the BBQ grill and soaking them in lighter fluid instead of writing this.

Suffice to say the last several years of Hugollier than thou attitude of the SFWA establishment is laid more bare than ever.

Now this does bring up a small upcoming rant about protecting your children from "grooming", especially in light of credible studies that sexuality isn't something fixed at birth.


  1. Sadly MZB was both a founding member of fandom and of the SCA.... which is part of the reason I think that those sorts of behaviours and lifestyles have always been tolerated in those groups.

    In the last couple years both groups had have tried to clean up their images because of association with that story.... but I suspect its just window dressing.


    1. There seems that fandom is splitting between the old SFWA people and those that they are loudly denouncing as all manner of politically incorrect.