Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Damnit Weapon Outfitters Stop Up-Arming the Elves

The frickin Mary-Sues get enough advantages. Though if you want to support such activities and the photography there of. See if they have any gun parts you need.


  1. Nothing but "Tacticool" AR -15 crap. Why is it that the AR fanboys are all the biggest gear queers on the planet?---Ray

    1. Probably because they don't take a ton of tools or knowledge to mess with. Add that to the ubiquity and the aftermarket reaches a critical mass, like the small-block Chevy.

    2. Yeh..But...The Chevy worked the way it was supposed to. You didn't need to replace its springs and gears every 1000 miles or overhaul it every 5000. It started when you wanted it too, and didn't quit at random for no reason midway into your trip.---Ray