Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Thoughts

  • Again I hope that all my worries are grossly unfounded and I'm going to wait for some actual law, regulations, and real actions to judge.
  • I said through the Obama years, "You never give any power to Obama that you wouldn't give to Nehemiah Scutter." I somehow doubt that Trump fans are going to heed this warning any more than Obama fans but, "You never give any power to Trump that you wouldn't give to Nehemiah Scutter."
  • Now is not the time to go back to sleep or throw your moral compass in the garbage. 

  • Hillary might have been the greater evil, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be-darned-ware of the hopefully lesser one. I would argue the best case scenario is that we now have a very recent convert to traditional principals( remember in 2010 he rated Obama a B+), one who's base instincts are still that of a New York crony.


  1. When President Trump was giving his inauguration address, I thought towards the end, "what is the name of that Heinlein novel about the Theocracy."
    Seems I was not the only one with that thought.

  2. Many of these anti freedom 'tools' were put in place by Dubya and Slick Willie.