Friday, February 3, 2017

Better Than I Can Say It

Law Dog as usual hits it out of the park, if you haven't read his Meditations on Monsters post yet do.


  1. And read the comments.

    I suggest reading Tom Kratman's "Caliphate."

    Free for the Kindle at Amazon.

    When I feel like brooding, I remember that there is no genetic difference between the designers of the Holocaust, and Americans today.

    I did not comment on your post, "Paging Doctor Frankenstein," but I did think quite a bit about commenting.

    My comment would have said,

    If I act like a reasoning adult, and turn the other cheek, and put my gasoline can back in the shed, then the other side will respond in kind. Not seeing any signs this is true. And the greater risk is that if I turn the other cheek, and do not prepare for the worst, this country will change into a country I neither recognize, nor wish to live in.
    And I am not so foolish to think that once things turn south, that I will have much, if any, control.

    Yes, I am worried.

    1. I suppose I merely have a mild(and getting smaller) point of disagreement on what time it is. I'm not saying that we shouldn't prepare for civil unrest, but too many people on my side seem to be trying to hasten the day.

      I'm just trying to find a way to take numbers from the other side and hopefully add them to ours. I've got a coming post that I've been working out about Triaging your acquaintances. To reach those who are reachable.

    2. Personally I encourage the nuts to protest, through public fits and use violence to shut down dissent. In the end it pushes more moderates and undecides to our side.