Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

The political tribal mentality that causes people to subordinate every principal they hold to hypocritical tribalism can fuckoff with a full sized totem poll coated with sriracha sauce.

Dementia can fuckoff for robbing people of their loved ones well before they are actually gone.

Finally highly variable temperatures can fuckoff for making me uses the heat/coat and air-conditioner/ice in the same day.

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. The eastern Bangkok suburbs is transitioning from cool season to hot season, which generates fog every morning.

    I like to drink my morning coffee outside during the fog season. Because I can hear a lot more sounds. Like ships fog horns, jungle sounds from the animal park, local birds and the steady fucking drip drip of a leaky pipe that I have been too lazy to fix.

  2. Big fat FUCK-ALL-THE-WAY-OFF to all the morons who use the word Democracy to describe our form of government. We have a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. (However lost it may be.) If we were in a democracy, hillary clinton would be President.

    1. Yep, the electoral college is a feature not a bug.

  3. Fuckoff all you Fuckwads that think that I am a Nazi because I am white and middle class and don’t vote like you. You are making me into one! I want to a burn your house down and fuck you in your dead burned skull holes. You pussies are poking a sleeping bear and I am ready to rip your limp man bun head apart. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.