Saturday, February 4, 2017

From Daddy Bear

They’re both wrong.  If we continue down this road, both rhetorically and politically, what we will create will make the Civil War of the 1860’s look like a rather unpleasant dust-up.

There is no “North/South” or “Free/Slave” geographic dichotomy.  Densely populated liberal counties are sprinkled across the continent.  Granted, they are more prevalent along the periphery of the country, but they aren’t remotely as contiguous as the Confederacy ever was.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't be prepared for the worst, but do you one day want to face your maker and not say that you did everything you could to stop what may be coming?


  1. I do not advocate for the "right/left" divide in any way. I just have come to believe that that the evil inherent in the communist/socialist belief system butted up against the paranoia and fanatical fundamentalism of the ultra right is a guarantor for disaster. Both "sides" now demand strict adherence to a fanatical ideal that can ONLY lead to civil war. What is worse is that most of the most radical on both "sides" WANT war to "cleans the nation". Given that and the human lust to murder anything we consider a "threat". Plus the VERY human desire for anarchy in the name of freedom make civil war in my opinion inevitable. The US has been arming and dialing up the hatred since the 60's. I honestly don't think we CAN stop the insanity at this point.---Ray