Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quick Nazi Question

For people who declare that it is not just morally permissible but morally necessary to "punch a Nazi" and you get to define who is a Nazi.

Is it morally necessary to punch a Marxist not once but several times? After all if you count the respective civilian genocide we would have to build in a multiple.

I'd really rather sort things out without physical violence and personally intend to adhere to all applicable laws defining when violence is legally acceptable.  But given all the fine young Bolsheviks gearing up for the glorious people's revolution I though this an important hypocrisy to clear up.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, if you must punch a Marxist, Red, Green, Lefty or any variation of Socialist/Communist, you must treat them like any undead thing.

    Hit it until it stops moving.

    Or, alternately...

    Hit it until YOU feel better.

    There is no way to change a Marxist/Red/Green/Socialist/Commie except by making its mind stop functioning at all.

    Sucks, but over 150 years of dealing with this political death sentence has proven that this is the only way to treat this particular mental infection.