Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

Every cumdumpster who decried the tea party as literally Hitler when it was still a bunch of people reading obscure books can fuckoff with a dildo as nasty as they have forged in reaction to their intolerance. You intolerant Marxist puss nodules have hastened the day and those of us who tried to keep things as matters of principal and ideals can no longer hold back those who have shaped themselves in response to your hate. Fuckoff for the Civil Insurgency you've created.

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. Ahh memories of Tea Party rallies!
    You know, a classic socialist/marxist problem is projection. You know, accusing the other side of what they're doing themselves. Kind of like the whole Russia thing now, but I digress.
    Here's a great example from the Tea Party opponents
    When it turns out that Occupy was financed by Soros...

    1. Yes I just fear too many people have lost hope in changing things by being better full stop, and have settled for merely trying to be better at the Marxist's tactics.

  2. Yea, just fuck them all, fuck people, fuck government, fuck Republicans, Fuck Democrats fuck the fucking neighbors dog that barks all night, fuck the neighbor in the eye socket, or the butt. Yea fuck big Bubba next door in the butt. Feel that Bubba, take that Bubba, Like that Bubba. Yea Fuck Yea! Now for you you little pussy Clinton lover, Fuck I am going to garb your rotten pussy and FUCK YOU TOO!