Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

The "go home to your family at any cost to anyone else" mentality can fuckoff with a noise so loud that it causes what would be considered second degree murder if done by any non-government employee. Do you fuck-wads have any idea just how many more crimes won't go reported now resulting in more crime and eventually vigilante revenge? Do you even care that when you shoot a dog that is dancing eight feet from you while wagging it's tail that your backstop is a house with kids in it? This is how you get people to fear not respect and fear doesn't lead to good places. FUCKING STOP this little girl horseshit or turn in your badge.

Also pain and fear can fuck off with a giant calloused fist up their assholes.

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. In the last week I have avoid being hit by crazy drivers 3 times... all the same day.

    I was stopped at a red light in the left lane and a semi was slowing to a stop in the right one. All of a sudden a nini van comes flying up behind me and squeezes between me and the semi then it runs the red and makes a left turn from the right hand lane. The driver was wearing a burkha.

    Then I see a car take the right off ramp. Half way up it jumps the curve and comes across the grass back to the original road. The driver was in a head scarf. She would have hit me but i slammed on the breaks.

    Then on the way home a different women runs a ted and pulls out onto the road - she was in the left turn lane but pulled out and made a right hand turn. As soon as she turnz she then crosses three lanes of traffic to get into the left lane of that road

    3 near misses in 8 hours... then I stop for gas on the way home abd when my light turns green i don't go becauae I see a semi coming and he isn't stopping for the red... sure enough he runs it and then i go. Long islamic beard and arabic writing on the side of the cab.

    So I don't care how stupid they drive in your 3rd world shit hole, but if you come hear either don't drive or learn to drive properly... otherwise f-off back to that shit hole.


  2. I have given up on the blue mafia. It isn't so much that they are spineless cowherds, as it is that they have become untouchable. In the town one county over from me they just had the ENTIRE PD fired for corruption. The Chief of Police and his "lead" Narco detective will be going to federal prison after being caught with 800 bales of pot in each home garage. My local Sheriff tells the county that he NEEDs 40 M16A2's 2 M60 Heavy Machine guns, A tank, 2 Humv's ,a fixed wing aircraft, a Helo, and 700 THOUSAND rounds of ammo per month. For 12 men and a dispatcher who don't have 911(the feds took it away) and don't work weekends. Oh! and they cannot account for 6 "missing" M16's 4 "missing" computers, 14 thousand rounds on "missing" ammo and 40000 gal. of "missing" fuel. Maybe the fuel was used up by the three jailers driving brand new F-350 luxury addition king cab pick ups. It didn't go to the jail because the feds closed that in 1980. If you want to know WHY I keep calling the PD "The Blue Mafia" look up the "Mountain Mafia" case. It is the state that 99% of the PD's in the commonwealth are in----Ray

  3. The "Mountain Mafia" case (federal) was in Kentucky in the 1980's. The bulk of several (more than 15) departments were involved in Prostitution, contract murder, kiddie porn, theft and shake down rackets--Ray


  5. Oh FUCK You! You little limp dick pansies can'y handle a little police corruption, look at your scum bag money grubbing politicians, your whole corrupt legal system, let alone your backwards social programs filled with fraud. You are just jealous you are not fucking the system too, go work your ass off for forty years for some big corporation that does not give a FUCK about you. Die poor and bored..

  6. Hmm, how about you fuck off, big blue pig. I have no jealousy about not "fucking the system", there's this minor issue called integrity that I think of now and again.

    As for the murder of the Aussie woman, my guess is that she was talking to the cop driving the car, and the muzzie in the other front seat decided he didn't like the woman because she was getting impatient and was asking questions, and decided to do something about it. Yeah, I could be wrong, I wasn't there, but given all the examples of how these people think, I'll go with this rather than the "reason" that has been presented.