Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

Air conditioners that go tits up right during a hot snap can fuck off with the burning brand of pure heat if feels like I was slapped with.

Other than that the floor is yours angry readers.

Supplemental: The land manatee on the scooter pulling out in front of traffic while holding a McDonald's Shake she really doesn't need can fuck off with whatever  anaconda dildo is long enough to reach through the blubber.


  1. I will never cook fucking chicken curry rice again!

    I not sure if there will be a Friday night puppy party. Myself and the puppies ate some two day old chicken curry rice. I feel like shit! Bipole (the batshit crazy dog) and Mooyoung (street bitch) are OK. However, Namcook (the fucking hyper beast) and Moto (the no price hussy bitch) are depositing some funny looking poo-poo.

  2. BTW - We need more Bradley / Chelsea Manning types in the military

  3. Fuck curry rice!
    Who the fuck eats that shit.
    Who the FUCK says POO-POO!
    What are you five?
    Well fuck YOU and the fucking horse YOU rode in on!