Saturday, July 1, 2017

Goodstuff Now With HUGE......Tracts of Land

More vast.....spaces at our favorite cybermag/blog.

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  1. Thanks most cool Dude

    I have been showing off my healthy body all week... All this week the Thai Junta has been offering free medical check ups and I passed with flying colors. The wife unit is so jealous!

    Actually, It wasn't free. The free check up was only for Thais but my beer drinking buddies "convince" the examiners that I was a "son-in-law of Thailand". I had to buy my friends a couple of crates of local beer.

    Every morning I walk over a mile and turn my morning chores into an exercise routine. I eat rice and drink beer on port/stbr days. Two months ago I stop taking my heart pills and blood sugar pills. This week my blood pressure was 122/72, blood sugar 6.5 and I lost 3kg in the last 2 months