Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Made Me Laugh


  1. The day the war broke out the Confederate army had Aprox. 100000 men in its ranks. In April 1865 the Union Army "paroled" 27480 men. 127000 men were wounded , killed or MIA from the Army of Northern Virginia between 1861 and 1865. 40% of the Army of Northern Virginia were armed with smoothbore flintlocks in April 1865. 10% had no weapons at all. They had subsisted on 900 to 1000 Cal. per day for over one year.---Ray

  2. Almost all of the Army of Northern Virginia was barefoot that April, and had been all winter. Only 1% of the "cavalry" was still mounted. There were 3 working cannon. The men were dressed "in rags and tatters" (Gen J.L. Chamberlin) The union troops openly wept as the Army marched passed them. The troops of the Army of Northern Virginia have voted UNANOMOUSLY to continue fighting and were overruled by R.E.Lee. The Confederate Army NEVER displayed the white flag at any point of the war.--Ray

    1. Ray-I have a dirict ancestor who was a Confederate POW. That said given that my ancestors were the "White Trash" who were callously fed into the guns by the tens of thousands the last time the Democrats threw this big a hissy fit over losing an election I have a lot less romanticism about the CSA than many.

      Also I'd like to think that "our" side can still take a joke unlike the SJW's. But all I claim about these posts is that they made ME laugh your mileage may vary.

  3. Where I grew up "the war" was a living memory well into the 1950's and was still taking lives as late as the 1930's. My Great uncle Gould Strong a former union officer in the Ohio Cavalry was shot to death in a gunfight by the son of a confederate solder. It was his nephew. The shooting took place when Gould was in his 90's and FDR was president. There are parts of the US where the civil war is not a joke. I guess it's just that I am old enough to have set at the feet of elders who remembered the smell from the battlefields and the horror of the "war". I was raised on story's of Robert "Bob" Creech who went to "The War" dressed in home spun and bare foot, to come home years later to find that "the federals" had hanged his wife and children for "resisting scroungers" as you may have guessed, I have a hard time seeing any humor in war--Ray