Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Made Me Laugh

Raising them up right.


  1. Somebody needs to tell the tyke that the "burner cell" can be used by almost any government agency to "track back" to his escape kit. Ditch it and get some good quality forged passports (make certain to get updates) Add keys to a car or pickup in long term storage. Have an escape plan, that takes you to a third world tourist hot spot with international connecting flights. Move by ground or water whenever possible. Have a preselected and arranged "safe house" at the "end of the rainbow". Someplace where the sight of a white man or tourist won't set off too many alarms. AND: Unless you go DEEP up the Amazon or Congo rivers and live in a mud hut, If, the "government" guys want you bad enough you WILL get found. Keep your escape kit updated.---Ray OH! and the moment you start E&E ditch all electronics of EVERY kind. ALL OF THEM have GPS tracking chips built in by law.---Ray