Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Seeing Red Megapost

 Much(100+) more not safe to infuriate below the break.


  1. Odie, At first I was afraid to open this post, to gaze upon so many beautiful red heads all at once. I feared for my soul. Then I realized that by this time, I have no soul, and so quickly jumped to open the rest of the post, and of course wasn't disappointed. Not a single loser in the bunch. All delightful ladies, and all tastefully posed. No wonder you were not afraid to post them all together. Well done, and happy thanksgiving.

  2. Red heads are kind of like wanting a Dodge Hellcat. You know it is dangerous. You know it might kill you. You know you can't afford it. You know you can't control it at full speed, and you know you could never afford to maintain it. But you want one anyway---Ray

    1. Yep, though you forgot the "and you'll die with a smile on your face" part.

  3. Oh my. You'll have to excuse for a few minutes I need to go take care of something.............

  4. Nice tushes on 28 and 33, buy to mark up a beautiful body with all that ink is a crime.