Friday, December 15, 2017

Be(Cos)play It's Friday

 More not safe for fan service below the break.


  1. AH! the goddess Bast makes an appearance! And she's HOT too.---Ray

    1. Is she the one who looks like Im Ho Tep's girlfriend?

      PS The one with the green scales looks like she's about explode out of that outfit/

      If we're lucky.

  2. Yes: She is the one with cat ears! In paintings she is often portrayed as having a cat's head--Ray

  3. Bast, or Bastet was the lion headed goddess of war in the old lower kingdom. When the two kingdoms were combined she was made a major protective figure, closely tied to (wife/girlfriend) the god of death Anubis, and major protector of Ra. She was considered a protector of both the kingdom and the home. Cats were her sacred animal and considered her conduits. Her cult was probably as popular in the old kingdom as the cult of Isis would become later on when the Greeks ruled.---Ray

  4. BTW! THANKS for Saya Takagi. HOTD! MUCH closer to my wifeu.--Ray