Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Supplemental TTRB

 More not safe for Fan-Service below the break.


  1. All good. As usual...Seems that that "Extra-Solar Comet" is not exactly what the eggheads thought it was. Radar shows it to be around one kilometer long. All metal. With a "highly irregular surface", and it is bright, glaring, Chinese red. It has also moved in "unexpected ways". Having entered the system at 80000KPH and has slowed to 44000KPH as it approach's the orbit of Jupiter, after its unexpected coarse correction around Sol. Government says there is nothing to see here. They checked it for radio/radiation emissions. They tell me there were none. Later that day Trump signed an E.O. to put a military base on Luna in two years or less. I myself would like to thank our new galactic overlords for coming, and welcome them to our multicultural world. I hear the hookers are nice in North Korea. They should check it out first.--Ray

  2. I really do love the Anime and Manga. 2D babes rule!--Ray