Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Supplemental TTRB

 More not a safe for fan service below the break.

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  1. The animated GIF is one of my favorite from "Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there" She is 3 RECC. S/Sarg. Kurabiashi. 4 foot 11 and Holder of the hand to hand combat badge. In the book she is depicted as having killed an ALIEN grizzly bear like solder with a bayonet--while trapped in the back of a CH-53 with a group of non-combatants. In the clip above she has just wacked 12 guys and in getting ready to finish killing guys and put a major beat down on Prince Zozal. Who was caught by Lt. Itami and his party brutalizing a nude ,raped & tortured Japanese girl. Needless to say the Japanese SDF troopers are more that a little pissed about this. The manga is one of my AL TIME favorites filled with nude animal girls, Goth lolly demigods, elves, maji-girls , and hardcore violence. The anime is good but the manga is the only one I know of that comes close to "Azumi" or "Ah! My goddess".---Ray