Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The New Tribalism

One of the great unsung victories of western culture is the moderation of the universally common human force of tribalism. Modern Intersectionality though seems determined to bring it back with a literal vengeance. The entire premise is to carve people up into a totem pole of grievance with explicit permission to crap on those lower on the vitimology tree.

The end result is that people are again separating into violently opposed tribes incapable of peaceably coexisting. The best I can advise to oppose this is to try to consciously work to assess the content of every individual you meet's character, because this movement will do everything possible to make you see generalizations to. After all that advances the chaos they think will advance socialism.


  1. This is just one small piece of the puzzle. Enormous lies like global warming, "peak oil" and "over population" are some of the worst. But there are hundreds of little lies we hear every day. Propaganda lies, like "the pacific garbage patch" that none of us can disprove, and we hear repeated almost every day. Most don't realize that the push for total civilian disarmament is world wide, with a push to disarm GOVERNMENTS not directly controlled by the UN going on at the same time, and all the while large portions of the human race have stopped breading, and populations have been dropping since the 1970's. The verifiable human global population now being 5.5 billion or less. I know you could go nuts(and go on all day) doing this. The point being that EVERYTHING we are told by government and ALL the "institutions" is a BIG FAT LIE. So I have to ask. Why? Why lie about everything? Why tear down EVERYTHING? Is it as simple as Ted Turner and Al Gores plan to "Reduce the human population to 500 million in order to save Mother Gaia"? If any tin foil hatters out there know the "truth" they ain't tellin'.--Ray

    1. Is anonymous nuts or is that the real answer?

    2. One: Yes I'm nuts. Two: Its not "the answer". Its just another question. That's what the ??? mark means in written English.--Ray

  2. Remember, the break down of the social structure, by any means available / necessary, is the gateway drug for the Left's goal: Socialism.