Monday, April 9, 2018

Thinking Out Loud

Taking a very small break from the cheesecake factory.

I've argued a few times recently that the strength of the current Right to Keep and Bear Arms(RKBA) isn't that it would provide the people the capacity to successfully win an insurgency against a prospective tyrant. It is that it makes the marginal cost of imposing a tyranny too expensive in blood and treasure for a tyrant to pay.

Could a COIN campaign against the American people by the US military suceed, maybe*. But doing such in such an armed country that your own troops and their families live in? I fear it would set a near unbeatable bench mark for Pyrrhic Victory. It's math that anyone smart enough to possibly succeed in such an endeavor could do, and why it's important to keep such math very very clear.

To put in another context if a gun ban would prevent every single death attributed to a firearm (it wouldn't), it would still take more than a century to equal the number dead in just the German Holocaust in absolute numbers not percent of the population. Are we really so arrogant to believe that such couldn't happen here for several hundred years?


  1. A few notable COIN OPPS. El Salvador(fail-- 90 years and counting) In fact ALL of central America. Total fail. Vietnam. Spectacular fail. Laos, Cambodia. EPIC fail. Iraq 2000 fighters Vs. the US armed forces X 20+ years. Spectacular AND epic fail. Afganestan (spell?) 35 year SF and CIA "Involvement" with no end in sight. COIN does not work. It never did. It's not supposed too. The whole concept was always a CIA and Pentagon fundraiser. It was conceived from its beginnings in the 1950's to drag military involvement out as long as possible and raise maximum budgets. Also to divert funding away from the ICBM's and back to the ARMY.---IMO. What we would get in America would be an irregular civil war similar to Vietnam. With not only millions of gun owners murdered but millions more "leftist" and tens of millions of noncombatants who simply voted for the wrong party, or happened to be standing in the wrong spot on Monday. We would get brutal military dictatorship, and the breakup of the United States. Forever I think. What would happen is exactly what the world wants. Civil war in the US and the breakup and castration of America.--Ray

  2. P.S. We make a big deal out of the might of THE US MILITARY. BUT: We have not won a single war, ANY war, since 1945. In fact we have had our asses handed to us more than once. In the very few instances where we started winning "someone" stepped in and shut down the machine. Our 21st century, military is more of a bugbear than it is anything else. Built on Myth ,memory of past glory and Hubris.--Ray

  3. It CAN happen here. Civil war. Genocide. Too many people have "Stability Privilege" which was a fantastic essay on facebook...

    Speaking for myself (obviously) it is incomprehensible to me how my fellow Jews in America overwhelmingly support the party of racism and slavery - the party that is, increasingly, hostile to Israel itself. But then, Israel was founded as a Socialist nation, but smartened up and turned into a free market powerhouse. That "betrayal" was something the Left cannot forgive.