Monday, May 28, 2018

Aint That the Truth?


  1. I live in a sleepy little Ag. town outside a major democrat enclave. (Louisville Ky.) So we get a regular influx of SJW types haunting Wal-Mart looking for white male "Nazis" to confront. It just gives them the shits to find out that (1) I don't care what they say ,think or feel. And. (2) I am armed in a "stand your ground" state. Being told to "Back up 10 feet, or I will shoot you in self defense" really seems to put them off their game. It was even funnier since the responding officer was my CC instructor, and they were armed (bike lock + chain and knife) and from out of state. They went to jail. I went home. He told them as he put them in the car. "You were lucky he didn't want to kill you. You were armed and it would have been a good shoot". They didn't get it.--Ray . P.S. The weird thing is that we live in a community that is both 90% republican and has a large ethnic Asian population. They are well liked because they are hard working, hate communists and WANT to be American. Unlike the gender confused and radfems who were born here and hate everything about us. Weird.

  2. Our little agriculture town is about an hour from a city become more liberal all the time. We are seeing more and more far left types buying houses and then demanding we change our ways. A group is pushing for the old school to be converted into a refugee center for recent muslim invaders... i mean syrian refugees.

    The old timers don't want it but you know the government will stick it too us.


    1. Carpetbaggers are an entirely different thing than people fleeing cities to live a sane life again.

      One group needs to be welcomed and integrated, the other needs a very cold shoulder.