Saturday, September 8, 2018

Random Hotness

 More attempts to weed the field/folder of uncategorized pictures lest they overgrow everything below the break.


  1. I am an old guy, but I still appreciate beautiful women. The ones that really make my heart skip a beat are the ones who are either smiling, or outright laughing. They are the ones that one would like to get to know as a person. Of course, as a sex object as well. I'm old, not dead. I also wanted to mention that I once again went back and read through your series on Scotch Nature. It is always a good thing to check yourself on how you are doing. I think we are doing pretty well. I know that our budget is sound, we end up not spending all of our money each month, but having a little bit left over. I am able to order a part for a gun when needed. I am satisfied for the moment with all of the guns that I own, which is always a good thing, plus I have enough ammo to feed them all. My wife and I will have 26 years together tomorrow, she had a breast cancer scare for the last year, and broke a bone in her back, but has come out in good health, so I count my lucky stars that the Lord has blessed me. Not to forget, but my kids are all doing well.

    It's strange, but I always carry a fifty dollar bill in my wallet, tucked away where you cannot see it. I was in an emergency room a couple of years back, and a young couple was there with their one year old, who had been shot in the cheek with a pellet gun, by her 7 year old brother. The police were hanging around, asking all kinds of questions, and it was just a sad situation. I felt moved to give the girl that 50$ from my wallet, and so I went over to their room, and gave it to her, over her protests. Finally, after she took it, with tears in her eyes, I went back to my bench in the hallway. I heard her give it to her boyfriend or husband, and tell him to go and buy a car seat for the one year old. It seems that the police were not going to let them take the baby home, unless they had a car seat for her, and they were dead broke. Of course, at the time, my wife and I were broke as well.

    Within a week, my life turned around, and I found out that I was getting 60,000$ from the government for a disability claim that I had filed, due to a chronic condition that kept me from working at anything except part time jobs, where I could leave if needed. Plus, I also was getting my monthly payments. I am convinced that you cannot outgive the Lord. And I have never missed money that I have given away.

    Now, some people will say that you can be taken advantage of in that way, and I suppose you can. But when my wife and I were at our lowest, I saw who it was that really was helping the poorest of the poor. It wasn't the rich, for the most part, who were helping those who had nothing, but it was other poor people who came through for each other. At food trucks, people would always take any supplies offered, even if their families could not use them, because they knew that they could pass them along to another family who was in need. I saw an internet group where people would post that they had no food, and right away 5 people would offer to meet and give them food, or baby formula, or diapers, etc. And it was always poor people who were going there to meet the person, and to give from what little they had. We eventually were able to give some, and that is what I saw first hand. It both made me sad, but it made me proud of the people who had the character to take care of each other, without ever once asking for repayment.

    While I truly hate the politics of our country, the one thing that gives me hope for our nation, that we will make it, and remain the best nation on earth, is the strength of our people. If the poorest of America can draw together like they do, then certainly every American would draw together in a state of real crisis. That is what I hold on to, or I would lose all faith in our union.

    1. Glad those posts helped you. I'll do more as I come up with practical and simple ideas.