Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday Tap, Rack, and Bang

 More not safe to field strip or for people who don't like Jews that shoot back below the break.


  1. Some of them spent a crap ton of money on horses, tack, custom gun leather and firearms. There is just something about finely made leather that makes even a smelly hay burner and revolver say "class"---Ray

    1. The leather smell drowns out the horse-shit. ;)

  2. As I grew up on a farm little different than the old order Amish. I actually love the smell of horses. I'm probably the only person you know under 70 who has: Harnessed a team of Mules. Plowed/logged, and mowed hay with a team. Made Sorghum, Butchered and preserved my own pork and beef. Made my own whisky from grain my family has used for whisky making since the 1700's.(we never to my knowledge sold it. Granny made it into "Elixers" for the many "ailments" I Grew up without central air, electric lights, TV or Telephone.(we had TVA electric. But Grandpa thought that using for anything but the deep freeze or fridge/milk cooler was sinful. Germs were bad so OK to the cooler ) And I'm not Amish. I just grew up in one of the last places in America that clung to the old ways.--Ray P.S. I still dream of the smell of the smell of Granny's wood cook stove.