Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Seeing Red

 More not safe if you can't clearly see their eyes below the break.


  1. So I'm talking to my brother "Gene" and tell him about this little segment. He go's: "Is there an 800 number" I said no I didn't think so. He say: too bad. I just finished a funny car for a guy and If you can get us an 800 number I'll rent us both one for the weekend while your wife is out of town. I said I didn't want to divorce just yet. "Then don't catch anything and don't tell her" says he. Says he wants #129-What a generous brother.---Ray

  2. A very fine selection, as always. How many do you look at where you decide "nah, she doesn't make the cut' ?? :)

    1. It varies, partially because I try to keep things barely on this side of R rated. Also I try not to repeat but I know it happens.